Priority I and II Experiments Approved at the June 26-27, 2009 ATLAS PAC Meeting

Proposal # PI Name Title Days
1032-5 S. Marley Study of Excited States in 13O II (8)
1062-2 J. Snyder DSAM Lifetimes and RIV g-factor measurements for fission fragments using GAMMASPHERE and HERCULES 14
1205x-2 M. Paul (gamma,n) production of p-process nuclide 146Sm 5
1207-2 R. Segel Electroweak interaction tests using trapped 8Li ions 10
1253-2 P. Chowdhury Collective oblate rotation at high spins in neutron-rich 184,186W 6
1260-2 J. F. Smith Non-yrast spectroscopy and high-spin states of reflection-asymmetric 222Th 7
1270 H. Y. Lee Test of a new method to determine the decay branching ratios for alpha-capture reactions in the interest of helium-driven 3
1271 C. Chiara Revisiting the search for the 8+ state in 72Ni 6
1272 D. V. Shetty A new measurement of the pair decay branch of 0+2 (Ex = 7.654 MeV) excited state in 12C 7
1274x C. Deibel Development of a 59Cu Beam via the In-Flight Technique for the Study of the 56Ni(alpha,p)59Cu Reaction Rate in X-Ray Bursts 2
1275 E.S. Paul Measuring the Relative Quadrupole Moments of Exotic Shapes in 154Er: calibrating the TSD/SD puzzle 7
1276 T.L. Khoo What are the maximum spin and excitation energy of 254No and its fission barrier? 9
1277 A. H. Wuosmaa Study of the 15C(d,p)16C reaction: How exotic is 16C? 8
1279 C. Deibel Measurement of the 34Ar(a,p)37K Reaction Rate in X-Ray Bursts 5
1280 J. Ollier Defining the nature of the ultra-high spin region of 162Hf (5)
1281 L. Riedinger Measuring lifetimes in a possible tetrahedral band in 156Dy 2
1282 A. N. Deacon Deformation in the mid fp-shell region: isomer tagging in 59Cr 7
1283 C.J. Lister Precise lifetime of B(E2:2->0) in N=Z doubly magic 56Ni 4
1285 B. P. Kay Single-neutron adding on 124,130,136Xe 6
1286 E.A. McCutchan Feasibility of Heavy-Ion Transfer Reactions of Measure Jp=0+ State Lifetimes in Collective Nuclei 2
1288 E.A. McCutchan Precision Lifetime Measurement in 10C 3
1291 K. E. Rehm Study of the Breakout Reaction 15O(a,g)19Ne using the 3
1292 P. Chowdhury K-isomers in 249Bk and 248Cm (6)
1297 R. Wadsworth Search for evidence of T=0 pairing in even-even A>80 nuclei (6)
1299 D. Hartley Evolution of TSD Structures Along the N = 94 Line: Wobbling in 169Re? 7
    Total Beam Days 109+(25)
Please Note: Because of the pressure on ATLAS beam time, the PAC ranked the approved experiments in two categories. Priority I experiments are those that must be run at all costs. Priority II experiments are those that should be granted beam time (indicated in parenthesis) if at all possible. Priority I experiments are approved for the present cycle of experiments, but can be run during the next PAC cycle as well if scheduling conflicts occur. Priority II experiments that cannot be scheduled during the present cycle will have to be resubmitted at the next PAC meeting. It is our intention to try as hard as possible to schedule a full experimental program and to accommodate as many, if not all, of the priority II experiments.
Shown in red is a Gammasphere source experiment which does not require ATLAS beam time.