Priority I and II Experiments Approved at the October 21-22, 2016

Please note: Because of the pressure on ATLAS beam time, the PAC ranked the approved experiments in two categories. Priority I experiments are those that must be run at all costs. Priority II experiments are those that should be granted beam time (indicated in parenthesis) if at all possible. Priority I experiments are approved for the present cycle of experiments, but can be run during the next PAC cycle as well if scheduling conflicts occur. Priority II experiments that cannot be scheduled during the present cycle will carry over one more PAC cycle. However they will have to be resubmitted at the following PAC meeting if they have not yet been scheduled and beam time is still desired. It is our intention to try as hard as possible to schedule a full experimental program and to accommodate as many, if not all, of the priority II experiments.

Proposal PI Name Title Days
1453-3 Korten Shape coexistence in 100Zr studied by low-energy Coulomb excitation 7
1577-3 Allmond Shape Evolution and Coexistence in the Mo-Ru Region: A Request for Additional Beam Time with the New EBIS 12
1665-2 Seweryniak Rotation of the 254Rf nucleus at the fission limit (6)
1669-2 Seweryniak Mirror-energy differences in the A=93, T=1/2 mirror pair 93Ag-93Pd 6
1684 Wang Study of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in 78Rb 5
1685 Garg Investigation of Wobbling Motion in the A~190 Region (3)
1687x Paul AMS@AGFA: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry at the Argonne Gas-Filled Analyzer 4
1688 Talwar Measurement of 13N(a,p)16O reaction using MUSIC 6
1694 Chen The Existence and Characterization of a Soft-Dipole Resonance in 6He: A Challenge to Ab-Initio Calculations 6
1695 Clark Quasi-particle Structure of Odd-A Transfermium Nuclei: Spectroscopy of 251Md and 253No 7
1697x Sorlin Study of the spin orbit (SO) interaction via the 35P(d,p)36P reaction 3
1698 Yang Studies of Barium surface desorption and ionization: development of a Barium ion tagging technique for the nEXO double-beta decay experiment (4)
1699x Seweryniak Integration of the digital FMA DAQ with the GRETINA DAQ 2
1701 Rogers Probing the origins of the rare-earth elements through beta-decay measurements of 162,163Sm 5
1702x Seweryniak Commissioning of the new FMA entrance quadrupole-doublet 2
1703 Sommer Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of Neutron-rich Palladium Isotopes from CARIBU 12
1704 Febbraro Investigation of proton-pair correlations in the neutrinoless double-beta decay candidate 136Xe via the 134Xe(3He,n)136Ba reaction 7
1705 Macchiavelli L=2 Spin-Orbit Splitting Near N=16 and the Proton Density Bubble (6)
1706 Orford Phase-Imaging Mass Measurements of Neutron-rich Nuclei Influential to r-Process Abundances 20+(20)
1707 Pain Constraining the 30P(p,g)31S reaction using 30P(d,pg)31P with GODDESS 14
1708x Nolen Proposal for Development of a 211Rn/211At Generator: Production, Purification, and Chemistry 2
1709 Macchiavelli Octupole Correlations in neutron-rich Ba nuclei: Coulomb Excitation of odd-A 143Ba and 145La 7
1710x Savard Test of the production and trapping of 18N at the BPT: calibration of the 8B neutrino spectrum measurement 4
1713 Zhu Angular Distribution Measurements of Target-Like Products of N=126 Neutron-Rich Isotopes 6