Priority I Experiments Approved at the May 20-21, 2005 ATLAS PAC Meeting
Proposal # PI Name Title Days
1036-2 S. Williams High Spin States in the T = 3/2 Mirror Nuclei 37Ca and 37Cl, and the T = 1/2 Mirror Nuclei 37K and 37Ar 4
1050-2 M.A.Bentley High Spin States in the N=Z-3 Nucleus 49Fe - Coulomb Effects at Large Proton Excess  6
1078-2 N. Scielzo Production of 14O for Future Measurements with the Advanced Penning Trap and Precision Measurement of the Q-Value of the Superallowed Branch 7
1085 T. Ahn Identification of the mixed-symmetry one-phonon 2+{1,ms} state of 136Ce and 134Xe in inverse-kinematics Coulomb excitation  2
1086 A. H. Wuosmaa Study of excited states in 7He through the d(8Li,3He)7He reaction 6
1088X A. H. Wuosmaa Development of a 10C Beam 2
1093 K. Lagergren Search for traixial strongly deformed bands and possible wobbling modes in 161Tm  5
1095X M. Paul Accelerator mass spectrometry of 59Ni at high sensitivity 3
1096 G. Rainovski Test of nuclear chirality in 104Rh - study of electromagnetic transitions and the chiral selection rules via lifetime measurements using the recoil distance method in inverse kinematics  7
1097 S. M. Fischer Distortion of Mirror Symmetry: The special case of A = 71, Tz = +/- 1/2 71Br and 71Kr 5
1099 K. E. Rehm Measurement of the beta-delayed a Spectrum of 16N with a new Technique-4 10
1102 B. B. Back Subbarrier fusion of the closed shell 48Ca + 48Ca system 5
1104 W. B. Walters Structure of the neutron-rich Fe isotopes via deep inelastic reactions  5
1108 G. Savard Precision Measurement of the Q-Value of the Superallowed Decays of 42Sc, 50Mn, 54Co, 34Cl, and 26mAl with the CPT Mass Spectrometer 5
1109 N. S. Pattabiraman Quantifying the level of isospin mixing in the A=31 mirror nuclei 2
1111X R. Pardo Report on Measuring the 3He content of Ultra-Pure 4He using AMS Techniques 0
1114 W. Kwok Effects of Heavy Ion Irradiation on Phase Transitions of the Vortex  Matter in High Temperature Superconductors 2
1116 D. Cline K conservation, Octupole correlations, and induced depopulation of the 141 year K=5- isomer in 242Am 4
1119 M. Paul Study of the 59Fe(d,p)60Fe reaction as surrogate to  59Fe(n,gamma)60Fe  3
1120 P. Regan Neutron-Proton Correlations in Odd-Odd N=Z 86Tc: Characterization of the 1.6 microsecond Isomer  3
1122X P. Mueller Towards a Measurement of the 8He Nuclear Charge Radius: Optimizing Production and Release. 5
1123 X. D. Tang Resonance parameters for the stellar reaction rate of 23Mg(p,gamma)24Al from the 24Mg(p,n gamma)24Al reaction  2
1124 P.J. Woods Lifetimes of Astrophysical Resonances in 19Ne 5
1125 K. Kacperski Three-proton annihilations for PET imaging 7
1130 W. Reviol High-spin spectroscopy of 224U   7
1133 J. Clark Precise mass measurements of 65As and 65Ge with the Canadian Penning trap mass spectrometer 4
1134 R. V. F. Janssens High Spin Structure and Onset of Deformation in Neutron-Rich Ti and Cr Isotopes 6
1137 M. P. Carpenter Search for Deformed States in 185Pb 4
    Total Beam Days =  119
    Total Experiment Days =  126
Please Note:    Several Priority II experiments were also approved.  
Since some of these must meet conditions imposed by the PAC, they are not shown here
Days approved for Gammasphere source experiments are shown in red