ATLAS Approved Experiments

PAC meeting on September 19-20, 2003

Exp # PI Name Title Days
882-3 J. Doyle Measurement of Helium-3 to Helium-4 Ratios in Isotopically Purified Helium 4
907-2 T.L. Khoo Properties of a High-K Isomer in 254No 6
915-3 C. Davids Proton Decay of 121Pr 7
954-2 S. Sinha Study of the 18Ne(a,p)21Na reaction in inverse kinematics 4
966-2 I. Wiedenhoever Is there Octupole Deformation at High Spin in 240Pu? 6
968-2 A. Wuosmaa Study of excited states in 7He 8
970-2 C. Beausang Internal Conversion Coefficients in 167Lu: Confirmation of Wobbling Mode 6
974-2 H. Huebel Search for Hyperdeformation in 126Xe 7
983X-2 E. Rehm Measurement of the b-delayed a spectrum of 16N with a new technique-2 3
985 S. J. Freeman Request for exploratory time; the k17/2 orbital in the heaviest elements 2
990-2 P. Chowdhury Shape Transitions at High Spin in Neutron-Rich 180,182Hf Nuclei 5
993-2 C.Y. Wu How does the j15/2 neutron pair align in actinide nuclei? 4
996-2 W.C. Ma Search for triaxial superdeformation and wobbling mode in even-even 172Hf 5
1013 E. Paul Superdeformation in 132Ce: Elucidation of the decay-out path and extension to band termination 7
1016 W. Loveland Determination of Pcn for Cold Fusion 6
1017 C.L. Jiang Measurement of 64Ni induced fusion on the transitional nucleus 100Mo at Extreme Sub-Barrier Energies 5
1018 H. Mahmud Lifetime Measurements in 238U 4
1019 S. J. Freeman Shapes and the Shell Model at A=60 6
1020 D. Jenkins Determining the end-point for nova nucleosynthesis: Evaluating the 30P(p,g) reaction rate 4
1021X C.J. Lister Precise Doppler reconstruction of gamma rays from fast-moving nuclei 2
1023 P.M. Walker Excitation of High-K states associated with the 31-year Isomer 178m2Hf 5
1025 S.W. Odegard Search for Wobbling Excitations in odd-odd 164Lu        7
1026 T. Lauristen Entry Distribution for SD Bands in 152Dy 5
1032 A. Wuosmaa Study of excited states in 13O 6
1033 G. Savard Mass measurements on refractory isotopes around the rp-process waiting point nuclei 80Zr, 84Mo, and 92Pd 5
1034 D. Seweryniak, P. Woods Structure of threshold states in the 21Na(p,g)22Mg reaction 4
1035 Z. Liu, D. Seweryniak In-beam gamma spectroscopy of the proton emitter 117La 6
1036 S. Williams High Spin States in the T=3/2 Mirror Nuclei 37Ca and 37Cl, and the T=1/2 Mirror Nuclei 37K and 37Ar 2
1038 N. Hammond Reflection Asymmetry in the actinides 5
1039 D. Seweryniak Studies of excited states in 101Sn. Phase I: search for 101Sn b-delayed protons 2
1040 X. Tang 12N+p elastic resonance scattering 2
1044 A.O. Macchiavelli The 44Ti(3He,p) reaction and the question of T=0, T=1 pairing in N=Z nuclei 7
    Total Priority I and II approved days 157