Priority I and II Experiments Approved at the January 13-14, 2012

Please note: Because of the pressure on ATLAS beam time, the PAC ranked the approved experiments in two categories. Priority I experiments are those that must be run at all costs. Priority II experiments are those that should be granted beam time (indicated in parenthesis) if at all possible. Priority I experiments are approved for the present cycle of experiments, but can be run during the next PAC cycle as well if scheduling conflicts occur. Priority II experiments that cannot be scheduled during the present cycle will have to be resubmitted at the next PAC meeting. It is our intention to try as hard as possible to schedule a full experimental program and to accommodate as many, if not all, of the priority II experiments.

Proposal PI Name Title Days
1328-3 S. Bedoor Study of 14B: 15C(d,3He)14B 7
1370X-2 A. A. Chen Breakout from the Hot-CNO Cycles via 15O(α,γ)19Ne: 19Ne Alpha-Branching with a New Technique 2
1374-2 G. Henning Fission Barrier of 255Lr : effects of an odd particle and K 7
1391 W. Kwok Critical Current Enhancement and Superconductivity Anisotropy Reduction by High-Energy, Heavy-ion Irradiation in Coated Conductors and Pnictide Superconductors 2
1392 W. Loveland The Synthesis of New Heavy Nuclei using Multi-Nucleon Transfer Reactions 1
1394 S. J. Freeman Shape Coexistence in Neutron-Rich Cr Nuclei 9
1396 C. J. Gross Study of the most neutron-rich, radioactive A=110-111 and A=136-137 nuclei from CARIBU using the ranging-out technique 3
1397 P. Woods γ-ray spectroscopy study of the key rp-waiting point breakout nucleus 65As 4
1398 G. Lotay Assignment of new γ-ray transitions observed in the A=62, N~Z region of the proton drip-line 6
1403 S. Mukhopadhyay Exploring Triaxial Strongly Deformed bands and Wobbling Excitation in even-even 166W 4
1404 V. Werner The structure of the second excited 0+ state in 100Zr (5)
1406 M. Paul 142Nd(α,γ)146Sm reaction investigated by alpha activation and AMS 3
1407 X. Wang Properties of collective structures at ultrahigh spin in the rare earth region: Are the collective bands beyond band termination in 160Yb from the same triaxial strongly deformed minimum as 158Er? 6
1408 T. Grahn Investigating unusual collective behaviour at low spin in the neutron-deficient W and Os nuclei 5
1412 P. Carnelli The 12C + 12C and 12C + 13C Fusion Reactions - Revisited 4
1413 G. S. Hackman What is the energy of the first 2+ state in 88Se? (3)
1414 C. J. Lister A search for 2-photon emission from the 662 keV state in 137Ba using Gammasphere 5
1415x M. Alcorta Production of Secondary Beams via Multi-Particle Transfer Reactions 4
1417 G. Lane Long-lived isomers and the transition from K-isomerism to spherical spin-trapping in neutron-rich nuclei between osmium and mercury 7
1418 J. F. Smith Study of non-yrast states in 234U using 232Th(9Be,α 3n) 7
1419 D. Seweryniak Rotational bands in the highly-deformed proton emitter 131Eu (5)
1420X C. Deibel Commissioning of a new high-rate gas ionization chamber for HELIOS 4
1422 J. Blackmon Determining the 31S(p,α)32Cl reaction rate with Gammasphere 4
1423X P. F. Bertone Commissioning the X-Array and the Decay Beam Lines at CARIBU 6
1424 I. Ahmad Confirmation of parity-doublet in 229Pa 4
1425 C. J. Chiara Intruder states near N = 40: structure of 66,67Co 6
1427X M.G. Marino Extraction of Barium ions from Xenon ice: development of Barium ion tagging for the EXO double-beta decay experiment 8
1428X A. A. Sonzogni Precision beta-delayed neutron emission studies using next generation detectors and RIBs: A Test Case in 138I (3)
1429 P. Chowdhury Collective Excitations in Neutron-rich 250,251,252Cf 7
1430 R. E. Segel Electronweak interaction tests uning trapped 8B ions 10
1431 A. M. Rogers Evolution of shell structure in the N = 8 isotones via the 13B(d,3He)12Be and 13B(d,t)12B reactions 10
1433 C. R. Hoffman Behavior of the (sd)3 configurations for Z=6 - 8: The 17N(d,p)18N reaction (10)
1434 A. Deo Spin isomers in neutron-rich nuclei around doubly magic 132Sn 15
1435 S. Zhu beta-decay studies of neutron-rich 138-148Ba isotopes 8
1436 P. F. Bertone The Astrophysical Reaction Rate for 23Na(alpha,p)26Mg and the Production of 26Al in Massive Stars 4
1437 J. Clark Approaching the r-process path with the Canadian Penning trap mass spectrometer 25+(20)
1438 M. P. Carpenter Gauging Octupole Collectivity in Neutron Rich Ce Nuclei 4