Priority I and II Experiments Approved at the March 08-09, 2015

Please note: Because of the pressure on ATLAS beam time, the PAC ranked the approved experiments in two categories. Priority I experiments are those that must be run at all costs. Priority II experiments are those that should be granted beam time (indicated in parenthesis) if at all possible. Priority I experiments are approved for the present cycle of experiments, but can be run during the next PAC cycle as well if scheduling conflicts occur. Priority II experiments that cannot be scheduled during the present cycle will have to be resubmitted at the next PAC meeting. It is our intention to try as hard as possible to schedule a full experimental program and to accommodate as many, if not all, of the priority II experiments.

Proposal PI Name Title Days
1530-2 Deibel "Direct study of the 20Ne(alpha,p)23Na reaction in HELIOS: Part II" 5
1567-2 Padgett Addressing the Reactor Antineutrino Anomaly with Beta and Gamma Spectroscopy 3
1577 Allmond Shape Evolution and Coexistence in the Mo-Ru Region 14
1580 Loveland Studies of Heavy Element Multi-Nucleon Transfer Reactions using the FMA 5
1581 Lotay Probing the Underlying Explosion Mechanism of Core Collapse Supernovae : Spectroscopy of 46Cr 6
1582 Rudolph "Isobaric Analog States in Mass A=61,62 and 65 Nuclides: Isospin Symmetry and Proton Decay in the Upper fp Shell" 6
1583 Mosby "Transfer reactions as a probe of 96Zr(n,gamma)" 6
1584 Lalkovski Sub-nanosecond lifetime measurement with 252Cf source and a hybrid Gammasphere (30)
1585x Ernst Production of a 56Ni Beam using the In-Flight Technique 2
1586 Jiang Fusion measurements of 12C + 12C at energies of astrophysical intereast : III (12)
1587 Kay Single-neutron excitations in 17C 8
1588 Carpenter "Measuring Lifetimes of Rotational States in 59,60Fe" (5)
1589 Avila "Direct measurement of the 17F(alpha,p)20Ne reaction in MUSIC" 3
1590 Kay Valence nucleon properties of 0v2B-decay candidate 82Se->82Kr (4)
1593 Reviol "Fast-timing lifetime measurements in the 13C(138Ba,12Cgamma)139Ba and 13C(140Ce,12Cgamma)141Ce reactions" (6)
1594x Pain Delivering an in-flight beam to the APEX beam line - a request for beam development time 2
1599x Marley Development of an 8B Beam for Transfer Reaction Studies 4
1600 Ayangeakaa Coulomb Excitation of neutron-rich odd-odd nucleus 98mY 7
1601x Savard On-line test of a high-power flowing liquid target for radioactive beam production at ATLAS 6
1602 McCutchan "State-of-the-art Gamma-ray Assay of the Medical Isotopes 123I and 61,62Cu " 8
1603 Chiara Atomic-vacancy effects on nuclear-level excitation 5
1604 Scielzo "Improved decay spectroscopy of 134,134mSb for reliable calibrations " 3
1606 Liu Study of the octupole properties in n-deficient 224U (7)
1607 Lascar Masses of Ge & Se r-process nuclei beyond the N=50 waiting point 8