DTL: Example of DTL simulation using TRACKv39

Download from this folder ...

  • track.dat: TRACK general input file
  • sclinac.dat: TRACK lattice input file
  • fi_in.dat: TRACK phase input file
  • Graph.cfg: TRACK graphics configuration file
  • DTL.#01: DTL cells input file: cells data
  • eh_DTL.#01: DTL cells field file: 2D cells fields
  • eh_PMQ.#01: DTL quad field file: 3D quad fields
  • linac.dat: TRACK intermediate lattice file
  • ini_dis.dat: TRACK intermediate initial distribution file
  • refp.out: TRACK reference particle output file
  • beam.out: TRACK beam output file
  • coord.out: TRACK surviving particles output file
  • lost.out: TRACK lost particles output file
  • log.out: TRACK log file
  • sc_warn.out: TRACK SC Warnings log file
  • g1.png: TRACK graphics window, saved at the end of the run